Wives Speak Out About Being Spanked

Recently while on a short promotional tour for my latest book on marital discipline “Wife Spanking” I was asked by a female member in the audience why I did not include more spanking stories that revolved around using different kitchen implements like a wooden spoon, spatula or serving ladle? I told her in fact, I had a new selection of stories in the works that did involve different implements other than the usual hairbrush, belt, cane or birch bundle and that I would be only too happy to pen more in the future.

My question to her, since she obviously had more than a passing interest in the subject, was had her husband ever spanked her with any of the above?

She said yes, that her husband frequently disciplined her in the kitchen, as he always made her wear an apron with nothing underneath while preparing his meals, and that in a fit of passion he would often snatch whatever was handy on the counter – a wooden spoon or spatula, etc, to spank her with. Intrigued I asked her which one was her favorite?

She said without a doubt it was the spatula because it was almost identical to the small wooden paddle that they kept in the bedroom for just such occasions. And her least favorite? “Oh,” she said, “Definitely the wooden spoon. It hurts something fierce and sometimes leaves quite a mark on my butt.”

The audience, which was made up of more than half by married women, vigorously nodded in agreement and murmured their contempt for the wooden spoon. Shouts of “It hurts” and “No way!” filled the room as the ladies all voiced their opinions on the subject. It was pretty classic, and I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself at how universal the ritual of wife spanking is to so many couples as a form of foreplay and erotic enjoyment – and how lucky I was to be able to write about it for a living!

Now, back to work!