A Private Spanking Party

I just got back from doing a quick book tour up in Las Vegas and had the opportunity to attend a private spanking party held by one of the local swingers groups. It was at a mansion up in the hills on the west side of the strip (actually way out near the Red Rocks park entrance which is all I can say;) and was quite the experience!

It started when one of the ladies at the casino I was speaking at whispered in my ear that she and her husband were going to go and would I be interested in being their guest for the evening?

Of course!

After a limo picked us up and whisked us away to the “private” location, I was delighted to find myself surrounded by a group of married couples into swinging and spanking. The theme for the night’s party was “Hippie Wives” and was packed with people of all ages dressed in their best 60′s hippie gear and swinging love beads. As in most of these parties, the real spanking happens upstairs in the various rooms and closets (where I actually saw some guy dressed like a beatnik paddling his fifty-year old wife’s bare bottom with a coat hanger, ouch) so one had to wander around the place to see any real action – which I did!

Peeking in the various rooms I got to witness all sorts of role-play, from hippie commune leaders disciplining their followers, to flower children getting the paddle or belt from their strait-laced businessman husbands. It was awesome. Downstairs in the main room a band was playing hits from the 1960′s and trying their best to keep a straight face as the various couples danced and more than a few took to spanking their wives right there on the dance floor, a definite breach of party etiquette as I understand.

Something interesting I noted was that almost no one used the cane, it was all mostly otk with hand, paddle or leather belt – except for the crazed beatnik with the coat hanger as I mentioned.

The night flew by and soon I was in the limo being returned to my hotel as I had a flight to catch early in the morning and I was bushed from the tour. They invited me back to next month’s party when the theme will be “Naughty Schoolgirls”, and I might just have to attend!

Spank on!