Spanking For Jesus – Christian Domestic Discipline In The News

As an Author of books about Wife Spanking, I was asked about a recent spate of articles going on about Spanking For Jesus – Christian Domestic Discipline and what I thought about it.

I guess my first response would be – this comes as a surprise to any of you?

Wife Spanking is one of the most popular topics for erotic authors out there, and why? Because it is something that many couples feel is not only arousing and pleasurable, but to some a basic cornerstone of their marriage and traditional family roles.

Now let’s not for even ONE moment cloak any abuse or humiliation of one’s mate by spanking as something that is acceptable or to be encouraged, I’m just saying that many married couples find spanking is something they use, either for arousal or discipline in their relationship. And as long as it is both CONSENSUAL and AGREED TO by both parties equally, then who are we to say it’s wrong?