Birching And How I Get Spanking Story Ideas

I was asked the other day by a fan how I come up some of my spanking story ideas and domestic discipline scenarios. Well, there is no set pattern or method, really, it’s what ever strikes me at the moment.

But one story I can remember the inspiration for; the old television show “Little House On The Prairie”.

I was over at a girlfriend’s house and she was watching it, being a fan of the show since her childhood, and as I had a drink and chatted it was playing softly on her new HD widescreen. For those not familiar with the show, it’s set in the rural America of the 1800′s and is adapted from the children’s books by author Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Of course, being a spanking aficionado I was imagining the domestic discipline in those days must of been meted out with a variety of implements, just as today, but that there was probably one used that is not so common today – the birch bundle!

“Birching” was once a quite common term for having one’s bare bottom thrashed (another term) by someone clutching a bundle of birch rods, which looks just like it sounds, a bunch of thin wood reeds lashed or held together like the whisk of a broom and swung with good force – and ladies tell me it stings!

I decided to write a story about a young woman on her journey across the American west of the 1800′s in a wagon train, in the company of her older and quite strict husband. Of course she runs afoul of his temper, in ways I won’t relate here, but trust me, they’re pretty hot in themselves, so he birches her on the bare bottom in front of the entire wagon train!

The story was called “Birched And Punished” and is available as part of the collection of short erotic spanking stories in my last book “Wife Spanking” for Amazon;

It’s become a best seller and is a very popular chapter.

And funny enough, when traveling and doing book promo tours, I’ve had a good number of women, married and single, who confide in me that they love being birched or want to experience it in their spanking role play.

So guys (and gals) get busy and cut some birch rods!

Von Leopold