Wife Spanking 3 is Out!

The fans have spoken and I got busy! The third volume of “Wife Spanking – Spanked Wives Stories” is out on Amazon and getting rave reviews!

Titles this time around include:

Spanked For Being A Tramp
Married To A Monster
A Picture To Remember
The Spanking Doctor
Spanking For Jesus Or A Spanked Wife Is A Happy Wife
Spanking The Brat

All deliciously hot and erotic, some romantic and fun, others a bit dark and devilish – but ALL guaranteed to delight and arouse the most ardent domestic discipline and wife spanking fan! Get your copy today!

Spanking For Jesus – Christian Domestic Discipline In The News

As an Author of books about Wife Spanking, I was asked about a recent spate of articles going on about Spanking For Jesus – Christian Domestic Discipline and what I thought about it.

I guess my first response would be – this comes as a surprise to any of you?

Wife Spanking is one of the most popular topics for erotic authors out there, and why? Because it is something that many couples feel is not only arousing and pleasurable, but to some a basic cornerstone of their marriage and traditional family roles.

Now let’s not for even ONE moment cloak any abuse or humiliation of one’s mate by spanking as something that is acceptable or to be encouraged, I’m just saying that many married couples find spanking is something they use, either for arousal or discipline in their relationship. And as long as it is both CONSENSUAL and AGREED TO by both parties equally, then who are we to say it’s wrong?


A Private Spanking Party

I just got back from doing a quick book tour up in Las Vegas and had the opportunity to attend a private spanking party held by one of the local swingers groups. It was at a mansion up in the hills on the west side of the strip (actually way out near the Red Rocks park entrance which is all I can say;) and was quite the experience!

It started when one of the ladies at the casino I was speaking at whispered in my ear that she and her husband were going to go and would I be interested in being their guest for the evening?

Of course!

After a limo picked us up and whisked us away to the “private” location, I was delighted to find myself surrounded by a group of married couples into swinging and spanking. The theme for the night’s party was “Hippie Wives” and was packed with people of all ages dressed in their best 60′s hippie gear and swinging love beads. As in most of these parties, the real spanking happens upstairs in the various rooms and closets (where I actually saw some guy dressed like a beatnik paddling his fifty-year old wife’s bare bottom with a coat hanger, ouch) so one had to wander around the place to see any real action – which I did!

Peeking in the various rooms I got to witness all sorts of role-play, from hippie commune leaders disciplining their followers, to flower children getting the paddle or belt from their strait-laced businessman husbands. It was awesome. Downstairs in the main room a band was playing hits from the 1960′s and trying their best to keep a straight face as the various couples danced and more than a few took to spanking their wives right there on the dance floor, a definite breach of party etiquette as I understand.

Something interesting I noted was that almost no one used the cane, it was all mostly otk with hand, paddle or leather belt – except for the crazed beatnik with the coat hanger as I mentioned.

The night flew by and soon I was in the limo being returned to my hotel as I had a flight to catch early in the morning and I was bushed from the tour. They invited me back to next month’s party when the theme will be “Naughty Schoolgirls”, and I might just have to attend!

Spank on!


Wife Spanking 2 By Von Leopold

I tried to get it out as fast as I could and today’s the day! Another sizzling selection of marital discipline and naughty wives getting the bare bottom spankings, canings and paddlings they may or may not deserve!

“Wife Spanking 2 – Spanked Wives Stories Volume 2″

Titles this time around include:

Fifty Years Of The Cane
A Wife’s Duty
Three Wives And One Paddle
A Woman Needs Discipline
The Young Wife Of A Powerful Lord
Spanking My Japanese Wife

All super HOT and VERY explicit! Fans of spanking erotica will love it, if I do say so myself (which I do!;) Available across all platforms from Amazon.


Birching And How I Get Spanking Story Ideas

I was asked the other day by a fan how I come up some of my spanking story ideas and domestic discipline scenarios. Well, there is no set pattern or method, really, it’s what ever strikes me at the moment.

But one story I can remember the inspiration for; the old television show “Little House On The Prairie”.

I was over at a girlfriend’s house and she was watching it, being a fan of the show since her childhood, and as I had a drink and chatted it was playing softly on her new HD widescreen. For those not familiar with the show, it’s set in the rural America of the 1800′s and is adapted from the children’s books by author Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Of course, being a spanking aficionado I was imagining the domestic discipline in those days must of been meted out with a variety of implements, just as today, but that there was probably one used that is not so common today – the birch bundle!

“Birching” was once a quite common term for having one’s bare bottom thrashed (another term) by someone clutching a bundle of birch rods, which looks just like it sounds, a bunch of thin wood reeds lashed or held together like the whisk of a broom and swung with good force – and ladies tell me it stings!

I decided to write a story about a young woman on her journey across the American west of the 1800′s in a wagon train, in the company of her older and quite strict husband. Of course she runs afoul of his temper, in ways I won’t relate here, but trust me, they’re pretty hot in themselves, so he birches her on the bare bottom in front of the entire wagon train!

The story was called “Birched And Punished” and is available as part of the collection of short erotic spanking stories in my last book “Wife Spanking” for Amazon;

It’s become a best seller and is a very popular chapter.

And funny enough, when traveling and doing book promo tours, I’ve had a good number of women, married and single, who confide in me that they love being birched or want to experience it in their spanking role play.

So guys (and gals) get busy and cut some birch rods!

Von Leopold

Wives Speak Out About Being Spanked

Recently while on a short promotional tour for my latest book on marital discipline “Wife Spanking” I was asked by a female member in the audience why I did not include more spanking stories that revolved around using different kitchen implements like a wooden spoon, spatula or serving ladle? I told her in fact, I had a new selection of stories in the works that did involve different implements other than the usual hairbrush, belt, cane or birch bundle and that I would be only too happy to pen more in the future.

My question to her, since she obviously had more than a passing interest in the subject, was had her husband ever spanked her with any of the above?

She said yes, that her husband frequently disciplined her in the kitchen, as he always made her wear an apron with nothing underneath while preparing his meals, and that in a fit of passion he would often snatch whatever was handy on the counter – a wooden spoon or spatula, etc, to spank her with. Intrigued I asked her which one was her favorite?

She said without a doubt it was the spatula because it was almost identical to the small wooden paddle that they kept in the bedroom for just such occasions. And her least favorite? “Oh,” she said, “Definitely the wooden spoon. It hurts something fierce and sometimes leaves quite a mark on my butt.”

The audience, which was made up of more than half by married women, vigorously nodded in agreement and murmured their contempt for the wooden spoon. Shouts of “It hurts” and “No way!” filled the room as the ladies all voiced their opinions on the subject. It was pretty classic, and I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself at how universal the ritual of wife spanking is to so many couples as a form of foreplay and erotic enjoyment – and how lucky I was to be able to write about it for a living!

Now, back to work!


Wife Spanking

You wouldn’t believe how many people LOVE reading about husbands who spank their wives! My new series entitled “Wife Spanking: Spanked Wives Stories” kicks off with a delightfully sizzling selection of short stories detailing how married men discipline their naughty wives:

With paddle, belt, birch bundle, cane and open hand these husbands spank and provide the erotic corporal punishment their wives need to keep their marriages happy and fruitful – this volume’s titles include:

A New Paddle For The Wife
Spanked In Public
Just Asking For It
Church Spanking
The Countess Gets Caned
Birched And Punished

Marital discipline at it’s hottest so be sure to check it out!


Spanked By The Vampire

So I wanted to do something fun, combine a couple of genres and see what we got…

Yep, a delightful tale of vampirism and spanking! When young Alyssa nay-says the existence of vampires, not only is she seduced by one, but she is also spanked by the mysterious creature of the night in a variety of ways that are sure to delight the fan of corporal punishment and m/f spanking erotica.

It’s only $.99 cents too! Such a deal!